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FRI 9 AUGUST from h. 9:30 pm till 01.30 am


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> the online reservation will ends at 9:00 pm of the 09.08. From then on the priority will be given to the people on the list or attending the event on site.

> you will need your ID card or passport to hire the headphones, at the end of the night it will be returned to you when you take back the headphones.

At the SILENT SARDINIA FESTIVAL 2019 will take place a musical walk along the paths near the Longosardo tower, between stars and nature.

All the different events (LIVE CONCERTS- KID’S TALES-  SHOWS)  will be performed in 3 different places around the Tower’s area, and all enjoyable with the Headphones technology, and its 3 channels.

Some of the shows will be performed at the same time, and re-done multiple times during the night.

There will be a MAP available for the audience, so it will be easyier to locate shows and their timetable.


Download here the MAP

AREA A- Via Bechi Luserna


10:00 – 11:00 – 00:00 pm Ziganviolin & Hoopnotika (30')


Dance and juggling will blend themselves in an hypnotic show, with optical illusions and light effects. The performance is hosted by Michele Moi, electric violin player and composer for theatre and circus, and Ornella Caponero, aka Hoopnotika, Hula Hoop performer.


AREA B – Piazza della Madonnina


9:30pm – 11:00 pm – 00:30 am Matteo Giorgioni Piano Solo Concert 432 Hz (30')


A Solo Piano Concert 432 Hz, that seeks to retrace the paths of his musical production. His piano melodies, centered and harmonious, smooth and flowing, always on the edge with silence and quietness, take the audience on an intimate journey.


10:15pm – 11:45pm – 01.00 am  Nam – Note a Margine Jazz Trio Concert (30')

Flugelhorn – Nicola Bucci

Guitar – Massimo Bognetti

Doublebass – Fabio Fochesato


NAM’s music is a persuing of music suggestion and sound emotion.

Their music is recognizable and evocative, with a minimalistic and drumless sound.

The show is a succession of written and improvised music, that goes to the smooth and sweet flugelhorn, to the dynamic rhythm of the guitar, and the quick and harmonious of the doublebass.

The multiple genres contamination makes all the experience suggestive and involving.





9:30pm – 10:30pm – 11:30pm SILENT TALES (25')


The actress Ania Rizzi Bodgan will play the tale “Come la luna diventò luna”.

During the performances it will be possibile to listen an audio-documentary, dedicated to the Longonsardo Tower.

The documentary is edited by Roerso Mondo Cultural Association, in collaboration with Cooltour Gallura.


During the night, the Longonsardo Tower will be open. Cost of the visti is 2 euro.

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