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SAT 10 AUGUST from h.9:30 PM till 03.00 AM


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> the online reservation will ends at 9:00 pm on the 10.08. From then on the priority will be given to the people on the list or attending the event on site

you will need your ID card or passport to hire the headphones, at the end of the night it will be returned to you when you take back the headphones

On San Lorenzo Night, Santa Teresa Gallura will be the set for a show never seen before!

A wide event will engage both city center and Rena Bianca Beach, in a SILENT MUSIC PARTY.

With headphones on the head and maps in the hands, it will be possible to discover all the different rhythms that will create this magical night: Swing and Electronic Music to dance, or just to listen while relaxing on the beach looking at the shooting stars.

10 Dj sets, 5 concerts, performances and lots of surprises are waiting for you at the SILENT SARDINIA FESTIVAL final night.

Download here the map.

Rena Bianca Beach – RELAXING AREA

People can enjoy the amazing show of the shooting star comfortably standing in the relaxing aerea on the beach, before flowing with the ESTATIC SILENT DANCE rhythm (sethuara yoga). Then listen to the poetical music atmosphere by Matteo Giorgioni in his Solo Piano Concert or later on enjoying the jazz music of the NAM trio band.


9.30pm – 10.00pm : Ecstatic Silent Dance Warm up hosted by Laura Basile (Setuhara Yoga)


10.00pm – 00.00am : Ecstatic Silent Dance - DjSet By Amba

Is a journey in the freedom of movement, where all the body expression are accepted and where each partecipant navigate in his feeling, finding his own way of dancing.

It's a musical path created for bring body mind and spirit beyond words and judjements in a natural state of ecstasy.

An occasion for celebrate life and discover ourselves united in the same rithm.

11.30pm – 00.15am : Matteo Giorgioni Solo Piano Concert 432 Hz


00.30am – 01.30am : NAM - Note a Margine Jazz Trio Concert



Piazza Vittorio Emanuele I – KIDS AREA


9:30pm – 11:00pm


Kid's Tales :  Ania Rizzi Bogdan in "Così Nacque la Luna" (25')

Music : Ziganviolin Soundtrack Concert – Violin Solo and music soundtrack for kids

Hula Hoop Lights Show : Ornella Caponero aka Hoopnotika



Piazza Vittorio Emanuele I – DANCE AREA


9:30 pm: Swing Lesson ( Beginners) by the teacher Silvia Pinna

10:30 pm:  Zigancafe Music Show Electroswing Set

00.00 am: Trash Music





Walking down the city streets, it will be possible to dance to all the different music genres, with different areas dedicated to Revival  & Rock N’ Roll, Electronic Music, Latina; Swing and a lot more...

In the main square, Piazza Centrale, and on the Rena Bianca Beach, it will be possible to rent your personal headphones and the map with all the info about locations and hours.


MONKEY BAR – Music Revival 70-80s and Rock'n Roll | 10.30 pm - 3.00 pm

Piero Muntoni From Country Cousins (Rock '60 '70 '80 '90 & Rock'n'Roll)

Paky Molino Dj  (Vynil Dj Set - Revival '70 '80)


​SESSANTANOVE NODI – Electronic Dance Area | 10.30 pm - 3.00 pm

Mikec Dj (Electronic Music, Techno, Edm, House Music)

PORT ROYAL - Random Music | 10.30 pm - 3.00 pm

Dj Jody + Choose Your Music 

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